The NOW Building is changing the way that students think about accommodation in Southampton. With our clients, Apache Capital, we looked at changing the way that property will be Marketed in the future, through VR and AR, combined in one app. 


As the standard of student accommodation gets more and more upmarket, so too do the marketing tools associated with the brand. Apache Capital, with their new NOW Building development, wanted something that would differentiate it. Our solution was to create a Google Cardboard experience, and an augmented reality experience all wrapped into one app, available for both Android and iOS. 

The virtual reality portion of the app sees the user travelling around a typical bedroom, the sky deck, and the social space of the building, allowing them to glimpse what living at the NOW building would be like. The second part of the app was an augmented reality experience, triggered by CGIs in the created brochure, gives the user an overview of the development and the spaces within. 

Aimed at potential customers, both near and far, the NOW Building mixed reality experience is a key part of the marketing for the development, and showcases the exciting possibilities for both VR and AR in this market sector.