To effectively raise awareness for National Clean Air Day – to make people engage with Global Action Plan’s timely message – we needed to show people something they truly haven’t seen before, utilising our unique grasp of new technologies to make people sit up and take notice.


To get people fully engaged with Global Action Plan's clean air message, we developed two powerful educational tools housed in a single Google Cardboard app, available for both Android and iOS. 

The first part of the app sees the user embark on an immersive journey, a 360° film experience that tracks a day-in-the-life of a family unaware of the hazards of air pollution, after which user’s perceptiveness is tested and rewarded in a clean air quiz. The second part takes the form of a game where the user can explore a purpose-built VR landscape, identifying polluting elements on a typical school run. 

As soon as it launched our app immediately became crucial to Global Action Plan’s campaign, becoming the number one trending subject on Twitter on National Clean Air Day itself.